View Full Version : Peak Performance Tech. demonstration at 2001 GCMAS meeting

Scheirman, Gary
04-09-2001, 09:33 AM
Peak Performance Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce an on-site
Optical Capture Demonstration at the upcoming GCMAS conference. All
attendees of GCMAS are invited. You will have the opportunity to see and
use a Peak Motus eight-camera Optical Capture system, and learn about the
current gait-specific processing and display features.

Date: Friday, April 27th
Location: Hyatt Regency - Sacramento (on-site location of CGMAS), Room
Carmel AB
Time: 11am - 5pm
Lunch Served: 11am-1pm with refreshments the remainder of the day

Please stop by at your convenience. RSVP's are not required, though they
are appreciated to assist in our planning efforts. If possible, please RSVP
before Friday, April 20th.

Kind regards,

Gary Scheirman, PhD
Vice President
Peak Performance Technologies, Inc.

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