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Rosalind Coombs
04-18-2001, 03:51 AM
Dear List Members,

Last week I submitted the following question to the list members:

"For our laboratory we are looking to purchase an EMG system to make
recordings from dynamic muscle studies, co-activation of the
quadriceps and hamstrings particularly. It will be looked at
alongside torque readings from an isokinetic dynamometer. Can anyone
recommend a good manufacturer of hardware and/or software for such a
use, preferably a UK-based company although not a pre-req? We have
contacted a few firms (Digitimer Ltd, Biopac Systems Inc) but any
information on what others are using successfully at present would be
helpful. Thanking you in advance for your help. As usual a summary of
replies will be posted for all to read."


Following is a brief compilation of EMG systems that were recommended
(as I received so many responses only those mentioned a number of
times have been included and a list of those who responded would have
been very long - thank you all)

http://www.delsys.com have a uk distributor (Median Systems Ltd-01258
858999 - Richard Brown): widely used in UK.

Noraxon (Myo1400). Flexible, and mobile, and will play nicely with
isokinetic devices. http://www.noraxon.com/

Mega Electronics in Finland (www.meltd.fi) UK distributor is Cranlea
(Birmingham). Their email is info@cranlea.co.uk, tel. 0121-4720361
and fax. 0121-4726262. Contact person: Graham Barnickle.

http://www.grass-telefactor.com/ Grass EMG amplifiers (model P511 or
CP511 best-excellent research quality, Model P55 less expensive
alternative-good for most research and student labs). All these amps
are highly adjustable by the user (amplification level, high & low
pass filters etc).

For data acquisition: hardware (model 1401 A/D) and software (Spike2)
from Cambridge Electronic Design (in the UK) http://www.ced.co.uk.
The CED equipment is excellent in terms of capacity, flexibility and
easy to use. Support is excellent.

Website: http://www.digitimer.com Contact person: Bill Cooper, Sales
Director, Digitimer Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)1707 328347, Fax: +44 (0)1707
373153, E-mail: bcooper@digitimer.com

http://www.runtech.com Contact: Rick Lambert, rick@runtech.com, for
RUN Technologies.

telemetry system by Konigsberg Instruments. contact person: Bill
Mills. email: konigsbg@PACBELL.NET.

Try Verity Medical, a UK based company. They have a very good
portable 2 channel EMG/Stimulation system, Neurotrac 5, at a very
affordable price ~600 exc VAT. http://www.veritymedical.co.uk/

http://www.motion-labs.com Contact: Alice Gooch, alice@motion-labs.com

http://www.lafayetteinstrument.com Contact person: Greg Prescott,
Lafayette Instrument, Europe Campden Instruments Ltd, UK. Tel +44
(0)1509 817700 Fax +44 (0)1509 817701 gprescott@campden-inst.com

Dr. Malcolm Ellis, Managing Director, MIE Medical Research Ltd.
http://www.mie-uk.com/ MT8 system, and the Myo-Dat software is
capable of importing real time data from an Isokinetic dynamometer
together with EMG signals.


To all those who made suggestions and contacted me, thank you very
much for your help, advice and direction. It was much appreciated.

Roz Coombs
Research Assistant and PhD Student
University of East London, UK

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