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Michael Sacks
04-19-2001, 10:55 PM
Dear Colleagues,

I and my co-chair Ajit Yoganathan would like to personally invite you to the upcoming BMES meeting in Durham, NC, October 4-7,
2001. This year's meeting will be hosted by Duke, NC state and UNC@Chapel Hill.

As in past years, there will be two sessions dedicated to cardiac valves. This year, we will have one session focussed on heart
valve physiology and function, and a second on replacement heart valves (including mechanical, bioprosthetic, and tissue engineered

BMES has become an increasingly successful, highly visible forum for heart valve research and I strongly urge you to attend the
meeting and submit abstracts. Please note that the abstracts are very brief (250 words) and thus allow for more recent results.

All abstracts will be submitted electronically to the COS web site:


which is linked to the Duke BMES 2001 abstract web site:


For the COS submission, you will need to get a user id and password, if you don't have one already.

Thanks in advance!


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