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Dwight E. Waddell Jr.
04-20-2001, 12:40 AM
Hello fellow Biomech-ers,

I am about to start recording and subsequently tweezing out single motor
unit activity from the First Dorsal Interosseous. I ultimately want to
measure MU synchronicity or lack thereof in a 10% MVC.

I have a favor to ask. We have very recently switched to Cambridge
Electronic Designs' (CED) Power1401 hardware and Spike2 Analysis
software. It seems quite robust, and will ultimately be a great research
tool for our lab. However, it has its own script language, and we are
sorely pressed time-wise to start collecting data. Learning the language
will certainly get done, but I am hoping to jump start the procedure by
looking at some "home-grown" and simple script files from someone who uses
Spike2 and would be willing to share. I have found, in terms of coding
(and I still use stuff written in FORTRAN) , learning by example to be much
faster than reading 400 pages of tutorial, and how-to manuals. I am
appreciative of any time saving help or suggestions you would be willing to
share. I will, of course, share responses with anyone interested or in a
similar temporal predicament.

Dwight E. Waddell

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