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Karyn Weiss-bundy
04-20-2001, 03:31 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L Subscribers:

I am a Master's student at the University of Manitoba and I am researching
the dynamic force contributions for the muscles of the elbow and
forearm. After an exhaustive and lengthy literature search, including the
Biomch-L archives, I am still in need of some help which I hope you can
provide. I still need information to determine the following for the human
elbow joint complex:

1. 3D origin and insertion coordinates for all muscles
crossing/controlling the joint.
2. 3D coordinates of the elbow joint center of rotation as it varies with
flexion-extension angle (an equation defining this relationship over the
full joint range of motion is the goal).
3. 3D moment arms for all the muscles crossing the joint as they vary with
flexion-extension and pronation-supination angles (again, an equation
defining these relationships over the full joint rom is the goal).
4. Any scaling factors to proportion the above factors and also muscle
line of action to subject dimensions.

So far I have the most information concerning the muscle moment arms, but
they are for various static positions and do not encompass the full joint rom.

Karyn Weiss-Bundy
Biomechanical Engineering
University of Manitoba

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