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Tarek-gamal Alaa-eldien
04-23-2001, 06:26 AM
Dear Biomech group
I am planning to build biomechanics lab in the university of
Alexandria,Egypt. I would like to purchase motion analyses system that have
the capability to analyze jumping movements. I checked some companies but
the budget of the university can not afford that. I am thinking of
purchasing one high speed camera with the video capture card that can
capture 120 frame/second or higher. I was also thinking of alternative
solution by purchasing high speed digital camera(JVC GR-DVL9500) but I have
been told that the captures picture will be too small that I will have
difficulty to digitize. I am afraid that I customize the wrong specification
that will not give me the opportunity to capture high speed movements and
digitize them.Can any one help me finding the right and cheap equipment from
the right place.Does any one has used equipment that I can purchase. I am
currently staying in Waterloo,canada for ten days.Please don't hesitate to
contact me at 519-886-2442 or tarek_g@hotmail.com

Sincerely yours
Tarek Alaa Eldien
Ph.D student in biomechanics
University of Alexandria, Egypt
tel 519-886-2442

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