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Dr. Chris Kirtley
04-23-2001, 08:36 AM
Dear all,

I realise that this debate is a Pandora's box, so before people get too
excited, I wonder if we could use the following page as a focus for the


I have tried to include most of the commonly used methods for
representing a solid angle, and have put what information I have gleaned
from the various contributors (Bogert, Woltring, Suntay etc.). I would
be very pleased to update the table if you can suggest additions,
clarifications or errors. I am hoping that it could form the basis for a
sort of consensus and repository - it seems to me that this is a subject
that could benefit from such a summary.

I'm particularly interested (as a practical sort of guy) in your advice
as to when a particular method is best and when it would be

Look forward to your input,

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