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Ron Thomson
04-24-2001, 07:13 PM
I am new to the user group. I am trying to model the human skin in a Finite
Element solver. I prefer to idealize it as a hyper-elastic (rubber like)
material. IS this approach correct? Any suggestions will be greatly

Does any one can provide some sort of stress-strain data for skin or any
other mechanical properties.

One of my research assistants did his PhD on finite element modelling of
skin and he has published a few papers on this:

Puncture resistance and tensile strength of skin simulants. J Ankersen, A
Birkbeck, R Thomson and P Vanezis, Proc IMechE Part H, 'Engineering in
Medicine', 213 (1999), 493-501.

The effect of knife blade profile on the penetration force in skin
simulants. J Ankersen, A Birkbeck, R Thomson and P Vanezis. Technology, Law
and Insurance, 3 (1998), 125-128. ISSN 1359-9372.

Whether they are useful, and whether hyperelasticity is reasonable, depends
on what you are trying to do, especially the time scales involved.

Ron Thomson.

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