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04-25-2001, 01:00 AM
Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado

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Russell, Anthony P.; Dijkstra, Luke D.; Powell, G. Lawrence.
Structural characteristics of the patagium of Ptychozoon kuhli (Reptilia:
Gekkonidae) in relation to parachuting locomotion.
Journal of Morphology. March, 2001. 247(3):252-263.

Bartol, Ian K.
Role of aerobic and anaerobic circular mantle muscle fibers in swimming
squid: Electromyography.
Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) February, 2001. 200(1):59-66.

Magin, Michael N.; Delling, Guenther.
Improved lumbar vertebral interbody fusion using rhOP-1: A comparison of
autogenous bone graft, bovine hydroxylapatite (Bio-Oss), and BMP-7 (rhOP-1)
in sheep.
Spine. March 1, 2001. 26(5):469-478.

Blokhuis, T. J.; den Boer, F. C.; Bramer, J. A. M.; Jenner, J. M. G. Th.;
Bakker, F. C.; Patka, P.; Haarman, H. J. Th. M.
Biomechanical and histological aspects of fracture healing, stimulated
with osteogenic protein-1.
Biomaterials. April, 2001. 22(7):725-730.

Milos, Gabriella; Willi, Jurg; Hauselmann, Hansjorg.
Bilateral osteonecrosis of the talus and "standing obsession" in a
patient with anorexia nervosa.
International Journal of Eating Disorders. April, 2001. 29(3):363-369.

Belmont, Philip J., ; Polly, David W., ; Cunningham, Bryan W.; Klemme,
William R.
The effects of hook pattern and kyphotic angulation on mechanical
strength and apical rod strain in a long-segment posterior construct using
a synthetic model.
Spine. March 15, 2001. 26(6):627-635.

You, Jia-Yuan; Chou, You-Li; Lin, Chii-Jeng; Su, Fong-Chin.
Effect of slip on movement of body center of mass relative to base of
Clinical Biomechanics. February, 2001. 16(2):167-173.

Lewandrowski, Kai-Uwe.
Enhancing Cortical Allograft Incorporation Processing by Partial
Demineralization and Laser Perforation: A Histologic, Biomechanical, and
Immunological Study.
IN: Biomaterials engineering and devices: Human applications. Wise,
Donald L.; Trantolo, Debra J.; Lewandrowski, Kai-Uwe; Gresser, Joseph D.;
Cattaneo, Mario V.; Yaszemski, Michael J. Humana Press Inc. ; 999 Riverview
Drive, Suite 208, Totowa, NJ, 07512, USA. 2000.:111-132.

Trulsson, Mats.
Mechanoreceptive afferents in the human sural nerve.
Experimental Brain Research. March, 2001. 137(1):111-116.

Haehl, Victoria; Vardaxis, Vassilios; Ulrich, Beverly.
Learning to cruise: Bernstein's theory applied to skill acquisition
during infancy.
Human Movement Science. November, 2000. 19(5):685-715.

Lou, Shu-Zon; Chou, You-Li; Chou, Pei-Hsi; Lin, Chii-Jeng; Chen, Uyi-Chi;
Su, Fong-Chin.
Sit-to-stand at different periods of pregnancy.
Clinical Biomechanics. March, 2001. 16(3):194-198.

Jorgensen, M. J.; Marras, W. S.; Granata, K. P.; Wiand, J. W.
MRI-derived moment-arms of the female and male spine loading muscles.
Clinical Biomechanics. March, 2001. 16(3):182-193.

Radcliffe, Rolfe M.; Lopez, Mandi J.; Turner, Tracy A.; Watkins, Jeffrey
P.; Radcliffe, Catherine H.; Markel, Mark D.
An in vitro biomechanical comparison of interlocking nail constructs and
double plating for fixation of diaphyseal femur fractures in immature
Veterinary Surgery. March-April, 2001. 30(2):179-190.

Johnson, Allen L.; Probst, Curtis W.; Decamp, Charles E.; Rosenstein, Diana
S.; Hauptman, Joe G.; Weaver, Brian T.; Kern, Teri L.
Comparison of trochlear block recession and trochlear wedge recession for
canine patellar luxation using a cadaver model.
Veterinary Surgery. March-April, 2001. 30(2):140-150.
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(but maybe I should read it as my 40th birthday apporaches!)
Olshansky, S. Jay; Carnes, Bruce A.; Butler, Robert N.
If humans were built to last.
Scientific American. March, 2001. 284(3):50-55.

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