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04-26-2001, 08:25 PM
Ph.D. student and Postdoc vacancies in the EU project neuralPRO

neuralPRO (http://www.utwente.nl/bmti/neuralpro/neuralpro.html) is a
research training network, financed by the European Union under the Human
Potential program. The goal of the neuralPRO network is to train young
researchers by performing research in the area of Functional Electrical
Stimulation (FES). Sensing, control and stimulation technology for FES and
several neuralprostheses are investigated in the network. The network
involves 11 research groups throughout Europe and is coordinated by the
Institute for Biomedical Technology of the University of Twente

start of employment of researchers: as soon as possible.
The vacancies are specified below, more info and links to research groups
are available on: http://www.utwente.nl/bmti/neuralpro/neuralpro.html ,
select: vacancies).

The following vacancies are available:

Ph.D. student University of Twente (Enschede, NL):
Mobility support and motor control training in stroke patients using FES
Contact: Prof.dr.ir. Peter H. Veltink (P.H.Veltink@el.utwente.nl)

Ph.D. student University of Aalborg (Aalborg, DK)
Colon/bowl emptying by electrical stimulation
contact: Prof.dr. Thomas Sinkjaer (ts@smi.auc.dk)

Postdoc University of Twente (Enschede, NL):
Histochemical Identification of Muuscl-realted alpha-motor fiber topography
in spinal nerves
contact: Dr. Jan Holsheimer (J.Holsheimer@el.utwente.nl);

Postdoc Roessingh Research and Development (research dept. of Roessingh
Rehabiliation Center in Enschede, NL)
Development and evaluation of two channel drop foot stimulator
contact: Dr.ir. Hermie J. Hermens (H.J. Hermens@rrd.nl);

Postdoc ITIS, Ljubljana, Slovenia
stimulation of pancreatic nerves and recording electrical activity
contact: Dr. Janez Rozman (janez.rozman@guest.arnes.si)

Postdoc University of Liverpool (Liverpool, UK)
Continent stoma/basic muscle physiology
contact: Dr. Jonathan C. Jarvis (jcj@liverpool.ac.uk)

Postdoc Unvisity of Aalbog (Aalborg, DK)
Cortical excitability following changes in afferent input in able bodied
and CNS injured persons
contact: Prof.dr. Tomas Sinkjaer (ts@smi.auc.dk)

For information regarding the neuralPRO program, contact: prof.dr. P.H.
Veltink (P.H.Veltink@el.utwente.nl)

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