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04-27-2001, 08:58 AM
Dear Biomch-L'ers,

A week ago, I posted a request for recommendations or leads on
vendors/manufacturers of triaxial load cells besides Denton. I received a
total of 23 responses. Most responses are of the type: "We have used load
cells or accelerometers from .... and we are happy with their products
and/or services...." The following are the companies recommended or
suggested to me:

NK Biotechnical Corp
Applied Measurement in Australia
Procter and Chester Ltd
Key Transducers, Inc

More people recommended Kistler, AMTI, and PCB. I have checked all the
companies' web pages except for Applied Measurement in Australia. Sensotec,
Entren and a number of others do not make multi-component load cells. Both
Kistler, AMTI, ATI and PCB make triaxial load cells. ATI has quite a wide
range of selections, but none of them quite fit our requirements. Key
Transducers also makes multi-axis load cells, but its web page does not
contain that information. I needed to call to find out (not done that yet).
In my discussion with several manufacturers, I am given the impression that
the cost of a triaxial load cell does not differ much from that of a
six-axis load cell. So far I have found three companies which make the type
and load-range of load cells we need. They are Denton, Kistler, and AMTI.
I have been in contact with them.

Kistler load cells are of piezoelectric capacitive type rather than of the
strain gage type from Denton and AMTI. Therefore, such load cells will
require charge amplifiers. The cost of piezoelectric load cells are usually
cheaper than the strain gage ones so that the additional cost of charge amps
does not make the total cost more than a similar strain gage load cell.
Denton load cells however, are significantly more expensive. Would anyone
care to comment on that? I would also like to hear people's comment on the
comparative quality and ease of use between the strain gage and
piezoelectric load cells.

I would like to thank everybody who responded to my request. I hope my
summary above will be of some benefit to everyone reading our list.

Liming Voo, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Transportation Safety & Biomechanics
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