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Lars Bo Kristensen
04-29-2001, 08:38 PM
Dear Biomech's

I'm looking for information on the radius of gyration on the trunk, pelvis
and abdomen. Does anyone knows where to get these ?
I have found a reference about anthropometic-measurement , called "space
requirement of the seated Operator : geometrical, kinematic and mechanical
Aspects of the body with special reference to the limbs", WADC techinal
report, 55-159, Wright air development Centre, air research and development
Command, USAF, Ohio, july 1955. Its by Dempster, W. T.- Does anyone know if
this supply the radius of gyration on the trunk, abdomen and pelvis ? - and
how does one get articles from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I can't seem
to locate them from Denmark..

Many questions, hope You can help...THANKS !!

Lars Bo kristensen
Department of Sport Science
University of Aarhus

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