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Bruce Brownstein
04-30-2001, 01:41 AM
Soar Research is a University-affiliated (Department of Sport Sciences) movement research lab focused on examining the effects of the injury, training, and aging processes on the development and optimization of skilled movement. Lab equipment consists of a Vicon 5 camera system, 16-channel telemetered EMG, and AMTI force plate. We are hoping to have expanded facilities in the near future.

We are searching for an individual with strong biomechanics background to contribute to the development of our sports and movement optimization models. Along with model development, the position entails data collection and analysis, project direction, contribution to grant development and publications, and may include lecturing in biomechanics at the undergraduate/graduate level. PhD or Master's in Biomechanics/Engineering required.

The lab is located at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York, only 15 minutes from Manahttan. New York is one of the more vibrant cities in the US, offering a full range of activities for almost any interest.

Bruce Brownstein
Director, Soar Research, Long Island University
122 Ashland Place, #1A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: (718) 246-6378
Fax: (718) 246-6383

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