View Full Version : Anthropometry for paraplegics

unknown user
01-26-1993, 01:18 PM
Dear Biomch-L

Can anyone help with estimating anthropometric variables (mass, location of
mass centre, radius of gyration) for the legs of paraplegics?

I expect that a useful method will have to involve photographing the legs to
estimate volume (using elliptical Zones?) then estimating the densities

Has any one out there had experience with this? What are my chances of getting
accurate estimates? Can I estimate densities using a few CT scans of each limb?
Would normal densities of muscle, bone, etc provide OK estimates as long as I
could find out the relative proportion of each?

This query is obviously related to that of Larry Abraham yesterday regarding
anthropometrics for the elderly. Obviously we need to be able to make reliable
estimates when standard tables are inappropriate.


Peter Sinclair
The University of Sydney