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Edmund Cramp
05-02-2001, 07:50 PM
Dear list members,

A summary of the C3D User Group meeting, held during the recent Gait
and Clinical Movement Analysis Society (GCMAS) meeting in Sacramento,
has been posted to the C3D web site at

The C3D User Group meeting was well attended and included
representatives of each of the motion capture vendors present the GCMAS
meeting. It was agreed that each vendor would make their C3D format
documentation available and that future proposals for extensions and
implementations of the C3D file format would be discussed on the C3D
list server.

Information about the C3D file format and how to join the c3d-l list
server can be found on the C3D web site at http://www.c3d.org

Edmund Cramp
C3D web site http://www.c3d.org

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