View Full Version : In vivo spine flexion ROM data?

Brad Lawrence
05-03-2001, 05:59 AM

I am looking for human flexion range of motion data (and references) for
the spine from C7 to S1 (the entire thoracolumbar spine), from T1 to T12
(the thoracic spine), from L1 to L5 (the lumbar spine), and any
individual joint level ROMs along C7 to S1. I am looking for in vivo
values referenced from a neutral upright (vertical) posture with the
pelvis fixed. I have performed some preliminary searches and found some
in vitro lumbar ROMs (Yamamoto, Panjabi, et al.), but have had little
luck in finding thoracic ROM studies or data (including in vitro). In
addition I have found scores of abstracts describing different methods
for measuring in vivo trunk flexion, however, the actual values and the
method for pelvis fixation are rarely mentioned in the abstract. In
order to reduce the scope of my lit search, I am hoping fellow
researchers might point me to key references or data in this area of
spinal research.

Thanks, and I will post all responses,

Brad Lawrence
North Carolina State University

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