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Ryan Joiner
05-07-2001, 07:18 AM
Hello members,

Sorry for the delay in getting this summary to you. I would like to
thank all those who responded to my question. It would appear from all
of the responses that a 60 Hz camera would not be appropriate for
filming calcaneal markers at running speeds. Most respondents
recommended 100 Hz cameras or better. Jason Leach stated that he had
recently used 60 Hz for running and experienced some marker blurring.
And, Anthony Schache stated that at running speeds around 3 - 4 m/s a 60
Hz camera would only provide 10 - 15 pictures for the entire stance
phase, whereas a 200 Hz camera would provide 40 to 50 pictures. I think
that Qi Liu summed it up best when he stated that he didn't know any
other way to record high frequency data without using a high frequency
device. Thank you again.

Ryan Joiner

Original question:

I am limited to a 60 Hz camera for doing a 2D analysis of frontal plane
motion of the calcaneus. Is this camera fast enough to capture maximum
eversion, time to max. eversion, eversion velocity, and total eversion
of the calcaneus during "comfortable" jogging/running speeds? If not,
do you have any suggestions (besides buying a new camera!)? I have
searched the archives and found nothing on this topic in humans. ( FYI,
according to the archives, it appears to not be fast enough for rats!)

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