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05-08-2001, 07:17 AM
I am wondering if anyone has used accelerometers with Datapac software
by Run Technologies? I found the archived listing about the various
accelerometers used by members of the list, but I would like to find
some for gait analysis (primarily walking) that I could use or modify to
be compatible with my system. The Datapac system uses BNC cables to
connect my hardware to the A-D board, which works real well with my EMG
and force plate systems.

As far as Datapac goes, I talked with Rick at Run Technologies, and his
concern was the same as it would be with any other A-D type system. The
typical A-D system (e.g., Datapac) is most accurate when it is recording
signals in the +/- 1V to +/-10 V range, so that's the ballpark I want
the output of the accelerometer device to be in, along with the fact
that I want to use them to measure gait -- which will indirectly
indicate the range of acceleration values I am interested in measuring.
I am new to using accelerometers so any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks for your input at this busy time of year. Julianne

Julianne Abendroth-Smith, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Willamette University
Dept. of Exercise Science
Salem. OR 97302
503.370. 6379 fax

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