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Hamid Rassoulian
05-08-2001, 10:06 PM
Dear Colleagues,

Despite the summing up by Chris the other day, and the assumption that discussions on the topic have come to a close, I would like to make a quick comment about Marco's response.

I do fully agree with his comments on the need for a better solution and more detailed investigation of errors of measurements. Being a Bioengineer, I do have a bias against "eye balling" and tend to opt for measurements with the appropriate instrumentation.

This, however, does not change the fact that biomechanical measurements are not as helpful as they could be to clinical decision making. It is only recently that Dr. Viceconti himself complained, and quiet rightly, of the lack of funding for biomechanics by the European Commission. This is exactly the reason why biomechanics is missing from the list of areas for Framework-Six. The EU commission funds what makes a positive contribution to the Health and/or Wealth of the community, and obviously biomechanics has not been assessed to make such contributions. This I think is a reiteration of my comment about the clinical usefulness of biomechanical data.

With the kindest regards

H Rassoulian


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