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Rebecca Portman
05-09-2001, 02:42 AM
Department of Neurology
Center for Human Movement Studies

On April 1, 2001 these Institutions Announced the Availability of a


Focus: Advanced Clinical Electrophysiology as Applied to CAM
Duration: 1-2 years
Start date: July 1, 2001 (negotiable)
Stipend: Commensurate with level of training
Advisors: Project PI and Co-Investigator: Jorge L. Juncos, M.D.,
Steven Wolf, Ph.D.; Director of GT Center for Movement Studies: Bob
Gregor, Ph.D.; PI Emoryís CAM Center: Mahlon R. DeLong, M.D.

This fellowship is sponsored by Emory University School of Medicine and
its National Institutes of Health-funded Center for Complimentary and
Alternative Medicine. Funding is provided through the Career
Development Program of its administrative core in the Department of
Neurology. The central research theme of the center is the evaluation
and scientific study of CAMs applied to the treatment of
neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinsonís disease. The candidate
will be working with Drs. Juncos, Wolf, and Gregor on a project entitled

ďChinese Exercise Modalities in the Treatment of Parkinsonís DiseaseĒ.
Although this study is a clinical trial, the main focus of the
fellowship will be the application of advanced electrophysiologic
techniques (e.g., electromyography, analysis and quantification of motor

units and force production) to the understanding of motor control in
Parkinsonís disease. The sites will be Emory University School of
Medicine at the Wesley Woods Movement Disorders Research Unit, and the
GA Tech Center for Human Movement Studies under the direction of Dr.

Requirements for the fellowship are a background in clinical or basic
electrophysiology, an advanced degree in a related field and an interest

in the study of CAM. Advanced degrees to be considered include Ph.D.,
M.D., D.O. or D.C.M. with a strong electrophysiology background. The
fellow will be provided with advanced research training in clinical
electrophysiology and will be exposed to the design of clinical trials,
treatment of frailty in the elderly through CAM (e.g., Tíai Chi,
Qi-Gong), and basic techniques used in biomechanical gait analysis and
strength testing. The fellow must demonstrate the ability to work
independently during the fellowship. Other expectations include the
preparation of manuscripts on the above topics and a commitment to
prepare an independent research proposal during the later phase of the

Contact: Jorge L. Juncos, M.D.
Associate Professor of Neurology
Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology
Wesley Woods Health Center
1841 Clifton Rd, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 728-4952, voice
(404) 728-4892, fax
email: jjuncos@emory.edu

Applicants please send cover letter, resume and letters of reference to
the above address.

Emory University and the GA Institute or Technology are equal
opportunity employers.

Approved on 4/30/01

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