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Tim Foutz
05-11-2001, 02:40 AM
Dear Biomch-L'ers,
I am seeking input, advice, your successes, your disappointments on the

I have been charged with developing a creative concept for preparing
non-engineeering students in engineering fundaments so they can successfully
enter engineering graduate programs. My department is looking at students
from biology, ecology, chemistry, physics and management as potential
graduate students.
My fellow faculty have suggested an intensive immersion program where the
students study Statics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Strength of Materials
during a 10-week summer session. This suggestion was based on observations
made at U.Va. where an "engineering boot-camp" was used.
This 10-week "engineering boot-camp" idea is interesting and I am trying to
assess and evaluate the idea. Any help you can give me would be of great

Thank you
Tim Foutz

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