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05-14-2001, 03:29 AM
I conveyed the following message to Chris Kirtley in reference to the
lively discussion on crying in space, and he suggested that I send it to
the list.

I recently attended the annual Society for Biomaterials meeting in St.
Paul, MN. One of the invited speakers was Dr. Story Musgrave, a NASA
astronaut. During his "theater" presentation, he showed the results of an
experiment that he performed on the space shuttle pertaining to crying in
space. He induced crying by putting some type of drops in one of his
fellow astronauts eye. He showed a picture of the results. A large pool
of water developed over the eye of the astronaut. In the picture, it
looked like he had a bag filled with water attached to his
eyeball. Looking at his eye through the pool of tears made his eye look
huge. Anyway, I thought you might find the account interesting.

Spiro Megremis
Northwestern University

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