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05-20-2001, 11:02 PM
Dear list members

For clarification purpose:
Please note that the ISB2001 Congress Organisers do not have server
problems. We received over 600 emails including one or more long abstracts,
mostly sent after the 10th of May. Should you have encountered any problems
in sending your abstract please contact us directly.

Please note also that confirmation of receipt of your long abstracts will be
sent out after checking of the file and not on time of receipt of your
email. As you may image this will take some time ...

Roland Mueller
Secretary-General ISB2001
ISB2001 Congress Office
Laboratory for Biomechanics ETH Zurich
Wagistr. 4, CH-8952 Schlieren/Switzerland
Tel. +41-1-6336117 Fax +41-1-6331124

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