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unknown user
01-30-1993, 01:48 PM
I found two paper references of SD Cook, MT Manley, MA Kester et al
regarding modular sleeve/stem hip systems; unfortunately, the two sources
are unavalable for me. Do you know if they published that work also in a
journal? Of corse, if the author is reading this please let me know.
The two reference are:
Evaluation of wear in a modular sleeve/stem hip system. Transactions of the
combined meeting of the orthopaedic research society of the USA, Japan and
Canada, October 21-23 1991, p. 229

torsional resistence and wear of modular sleeve/stem hip system. Trans Soc
Biomaterials 14:210, 1991

In my knowledge, these are the only litteratures on this specific type of
hip prosthesis. Any other citation is of course welcome.

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