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Soren Olson
07-18-2001, 03:35 AM
Extrinsic Foot EMG data:

I have a question concerning normalized EMG data of the extrinsic
muscles of the foot. I am a medical student in the early stages of a
project using muscle forces predicted from physiological cross sectional
areas (PCSA), a scaling factor, and EMG data. I am looking for
published EMG gait data at mid-stance in gait either normalized to MVC
or including the MVC values for Anterior and Posterior Tibialis,
Peroneus Longus and Brevis, Soleus, Medial and Lateral Gastrocnemius,
FHL, FDL, EHL and EDL. From the literature, I am familiar with the data
from Ericson (Scand J Rehab Med 1986), Winter (1991 Gait text book), and
Perry (Gait Analysis text book 1992). Unfortunately Ericsonís data only
includes four of the muscles Iím an interested in, Winterís data does
not include MVC values, and Perryís data came from a variety of sources.
I have also looked through ISBís website (http://isb.ri.ccf.org/),
GCMAS webpage (http://www.gcmas.org/), and Clinical Gait Analysis
pages(http://www.univie.ac.at/cga/) with little luck. If anyone has any
helpful suggestions they would be greatly appreciated, and I will gladly
post responses in a week.

Thank you in advance,
Soren Olson
University of Washington School of Medicine

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