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Pijnappels M. (mirjam)
07-18-2001, 06:49 PM

'Balance at all times'
8 November 2001
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This symposium will focus on the ability to stay upright in the face of a
variety of disturbances over different timescales. Top scientists will give
lectures on balance control in five different timescales from an
evolutionary timescale to the here-and-now. The symposium will provide an
overview of the ways in which balance problems are solved, viewed from
various fundamental and clinical perspectives.


Phylogenetic timescale: The evolution of human balance
Dr.E. Otten, The Netherlands

Ontogenetic timescale: The development of human balance control across the
life span
Prof. M.H. Woollacott, USA

Long-term timescale: Compensatory postural strategies in longstanding
Parkinson's disease
Dr. B. Bloem, The Netherlands

Short-term timescale: Reversible adaptation to balance disturbances due to
conflicting information, as in motion sickness and seasickness
Dr. W. Bles, The Netherlands

Here-and-Now timescale: The temporal structure of spontaneous postural sway
Dr. M.A. Riley, USA

During the lunch break a poster session will be held. This session will
feature posters on subjects relevant to the symposium theme, as well as
posters that will provide an impression of other research projects conducted
by the IFKB.

You are cordially invited to attend this symposium. More information about
the symposium can be found on http://www.ifkb.nl/ifkbsymp2001.htm. If you
want to present a poster relating to the symposium theme, you can announce
this by e-mail: ifkb@fbw.vu.nl (All presenters are subject to the
registration fee).

With kind regards,
The Symposium Committee

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