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07-19-2001, 05:00 AM
This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.
and a special FASHION TIP.

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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Eck, Jason C.; Hodges, Scott D.; Humphreys, S. Craig.
Whiplash: A review of a commonly misunderstood injury.
American Journal of Medicine. June 1, 2001. 110(8):651-656.

Vibert, N.; MacDougall, H. G.; de Waele, C.; Gilchrist, D. P. D.; Burgess,
A. M.; Sidis, A.; Migliaccio, A.; Curthoys, I. S.; Vidal, P. P.
Variability in the control of head movements in seated humans: A link
with whiplash injuries?
Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) May 1st, 2001. 532(3):851-868.

Simunic, David I.; Broom, Neil D.; Robertson, Peter A.
Biomechanical factors influencing nuclear disruption of the
intervertebral disc.
Spine. June 1, 2001. 26(11):1223-1230.

Panjabi, Manohar M.; Kato, Yoshihiko; Hoffman, Hans; Cholewicki, Jacek.
Canal and intervertebral foramen encroachments of a burst fracture:
Effects from the center of rotation.
Spine. June 1, 2001. 26(11):1231-1237.

Fridez, P.; Rachev, A.; Meister, J.-J.; Hayashi, K.; Stergiopulos, N.
Model of geometrical and smooth muscle tone adaptation of carotid artery
subject to step change in pressure.
American Journal of Physiology. June, 2001. 280(6 Part 2):H2752-H2760.

Dopheide, Sacha M.; Yap, Cindy L.; Jackson, Shaun P.
Dynamic aspects of platelet adhesion under flow.
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. May-June, 2001.

Schaefer, Werner.
Some biomechanical aspects of continence function.
Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology. 2001. 35(Supplement

McGibbon, Chris A.; Krebs, David E.
Age-related changes in lower trunk coordination and energy transfer
during gait.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) May, 2001. 85(5):1923-1931.

Russell, Anthony P.; Bels, Vincent.
Digital hyperextension in Anolis sagrei.
Herpetologica. March, 2001. 57(1):58-65.

Federle, Walter; Brainerd, Elizabeth L.; Mcmahon, Thomas A.; Hoelldobler,
Biomechanics of the movable pretarsal adhesive organ in ants and bees.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
America. May 22, 2001. 98(11):6215-6220.

Armsworth, Paul R.
Directed motion in the sea: Efficient swimming by reef fish larvae.
Journal of Theoretical Biology. 7 May, 2001. 210(1):81-91.

Saini, N. S.; Mirakhur, K. K.
Observations following homologous deep frozen tendon grafts in equine.
Indian Veterinary Journal. April, 2001. 78(4):309-312.

Kahn-Jetter, Zella; Evans, Lance S.; Liclican, Elvira; Pastore, Matthew.
Compressive/tensile stresses and lignified cells as resistance components
in joints between stem segments of Opuntia fulgida and Opuntia versicolor
International Journal of Plant Sciences. May, 2001. 162(3):579-587.

Nafpliotis, Harry.
Biomechanical suit.
Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patents. Jan. 9, 2001. 1242(2):No Pagination. US 6171274; January 09, 2001,
602-75, USA.

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