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Julie Steele
07-26-2001, 12:08 PM
Dear All

Following the recent elections, current ISB Officers (and their
portfolios) include:

President: Sandra Olney
President-Elect: Mary Rodgers
Past-President: Kit Vaughan

Gert-Peter Brüggemann (Technical Groups)
Maarten Bobbert (Awards at ISB2003)
Bob Gregor (Constitution and Codes)
Senshi Fukashiro (Japanese Sponsorship and NAC/Miyashita Awards)
Mark Grabiner (Sponsorship)
Walter Herzog (Tutorials at ISB2003)
Martyn Shorten (Informatics)
Jill McNitt-Gray (Affiliated Societies and Developing Countries)
Alex Stacoff (Student Programme)
Julie Steele (Secretary-General)

Appointed Members:
Graeme Wood (Treasurer)
Brian Davis (Newsletter Editor)

Ex Officio:
Peter Milburn (ISB2003)
Alan Walmsley (ISB2003)

Minutes from the General Assembly Meeting that was held at ISB2001 in
Zurich will be published in the
next ISB newsletter. Congratulations to the new ISB Officers!


Julie Steele, PhD
ISB Secretary-General

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