View Full Version : Mathematical and/or numerical analysis of blood flow in(artificial) vessels

Emmanuel Maitre
09-06-2001, 05:34 AM

We created in Mulhouse University, France, a small group
on the fluid-structure interaction between blood and artificial
or real vessels, on a mathematical and numerical point of

We are looking for the state of the art in this domain. For example
in the spirit of the work of L. Formaggia, JF Gerbeau, F. Nobile, A.
(INRIA report 3862 january 2000, http://www.inria.fr/rrrt/rr-3862.html)
see also http://www.crs4.it/~giach/GROUP/MAX/math.html.

Thanks a lot to everybody who could give us recent references on
that subject. We are especially interested by the mathematical model
used, its study and the computational corresponding part.

Best regards,

Emmanuel MAITRE (E.Maitre@uha.fr)
Université de Haute-Alsace
Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications
4, rue des Frères Lumière
68093 Mulhouse FRANCE

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