View Full Version : Sports injuries and young persons

Simon Ickert
09-10-2001, 04:53 AM
Dear list members,
I just started treating young german soccer players (highest national
level (I know that this is not high in the moment - lol)) aged 10-18
years as a new job.

Up to now I just have experience with adults and the traditional sports
injuries of adults with low level.

So Ive got some questions concerning my new patients:

Could you please tell me about the aspects I have to pay attention the
very most concerning the age of the players? Which are the differences
to adults? When could I start jogging, playing with the ball, sprinting,

Who knows about special treatment programs for young persons?

Which are the most frequent injuries of young soccer players?

Is a knee after ACL-Rupture more or less stable than the knee of an
adult, does it heal faster?

I would be very happy, if some of you could give me important



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