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09-12-2001, 07:04 AM
Here is this week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT* .

A reminder of my criteria for reference inclusion:
it must show up in my BIOSIS data base.
it must be in English so I can understand what it is about.
it must be a real article, no abstracts.
I don't include J. Biomechanics since most all of us subscribe and
you can easily subscribe for free to receive the table of contents
via e-mail.

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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Sinusas, Albert J.; Papademetris, Xenophon; Constable, R. Todd; Dione,
Donald P.; Slade, Martin D.; Shi, Pengcheng; Duncan, James S.
Quantification of 3-D regional myocardial deformation: Shape-based
analysis of magnetic resonance images.
American Journal of Physiology. August, 2001. 281(2 Part 2):H698-H714.

Guldner, Norbert W.; Klapproth, Peter; Grossherr, Martin; Bruegge, Andreas;
Sheikhzadeh, Abdolhamid; Toelg, Ralph; Rumpel, Elisabeth; Noel, Ralf;
Sievers, Hans-H.
Biomechanical hearts: Muscular blood pumps, performed in a 1-step
operation, and trained under support of clenbuterol.
Circulation. August 7, 2001. 104(6):717-722.

Khanna, Sangeeta; Porter, John D.
Evidence for rectus extraocular muscle pulleys in rodents.
IOVS. August, 2001. 42(9):1986-1992.

Morris, Meg E.; Huxham, Frances; McGinley, Jennifer; Dodd, Karen; Iansek,
The biomechanics and motor control of gait in Parkinson disease.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):459-470.

Cheron, Guy; Bengoetxea, Ana; Bouillot, Ethel; Lacquaniti, Francesco; Dan,
Early emergence of temporal co-ordination of lower limb segments
elevation angles in human locomotion.
Neuroscience Letters. August 3, 2001. 308(2):123-127.

de Rugy, Aymar; Montagne, Gilles; Buekers, Martinus J.; Laurent, Michel.
Spatially constrained locomotion under informational conflict.
Behavioural Brain Research. 27th August, 2001. 123(1):11-15.

Cowin, Stephen C.
Method for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis.
Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patents. June 19, 2001. 1247(3):No Pagination. US 6249692; June 19, 2001,
600-407, USA The Research Foundation of City University of New York, New
York, NY, USA.

Bank, Ruud A.; Soudry, Michael; Maroudas, Alice; Mizrahi, Joseph;
TeKoppele, Johan M.
The increased swelling and instantaneous deformation of osteoarthritic
cartilage is highly correlated with collagen degradation.
Arthritis & Rheumatism. October, 2000. 43(10):2202-2210.

Mihara, Hisanori; Cheng, Boyle C.; David, Stephen M.; Ohnari, Katsuhiro;
Zdeblick, Thomas A.
Biomechanical comparison of posterior cervical fixation.

Turner, Charles H.; Roeder, Ryan K.; Wieczorek, Arlo; Foroud, Tatiana; Liu,
Guangda; Peacock, Munro.
Variability in skeletal mass, structure, and biomechanical properties
among inbred strains of rats.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. August, 2001. 16(8):1532-1539.

Beuf, Olivier; Newitt, David C.; Mosekilde, Lis; Majumdar, Sharmila.
Trabecular structure assessment in lumbar vertebrae specimens using
quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and relationship with mechanical
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. August, 2001. 16(8):1511-1519.

Liu, Stephen H.; Nguyen, T. M.
Ankle sprains and other soft tissue injuries.
Current Opinion in Rheumatology. March, 1999. 11(2):132-137.

Kiviranta, Riku; Morko, Jukka; Uusitalo, Hannele; Aro, Hannu T.; Vuorio,
Eero; Rantakokko, Juho.
Accelerated turnover of metaphyseal trabecular bone in mice
overexpressing cathepsin K.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. August, 2001. 16(8):1444-1452.

Wronski, T. J.; Ratkus, A. M.; Thomsen, J. S.; Vulcan, Q.; Mosekilde, Li.
Sequential treatment with basic fibroblast growth factor and parathyroid
hormone restores lost cancellous bone mass and strength in the proximal
tibia of aged ovariectomized rats.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. August, 2001. 16(8):1399-1407.

Teo, E. C.; Ng, H. W.
Evaluation of the role of ligaments, facets and disc nucleus in lower
cervical spine under compression and sagittal moments using finite element
Medical Engineering & Physics. April, 2001. 23(3):155-164.

Patel, Tushar Ch.; Erulkar, Jonathan S.; Grauer, Jonathan N.; Troiano,
Nancy W.; Panjabi, Manohar M.; Friedlaender, Gary E.
Osteogenic protein-1 overcomes the inhibitory effect of nicotine on
posterolateral lumbar fusion.
Spine. August 1, 2001. 26(15):1656-1661.

Dick, Jeffrey C.; Bourgeault, Craig A.
Notch sensitivity of titanium alloy, commercially pure titanium, and
stainless steel spinal implants.
Spine. August 1, 2001. 26(15):1668-1672.

Yang, Rong-Sen; Lin, Huei-Jeng.
Contact stress on polyethylene components of a new rotating hinge with a
spherical contact surface.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):540-546.

Moseley, Anne M.; Crosbie, Jack; Adams, Roger.
Normative data for passive ankle plantarflexion-dorsiflexion flexibility.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):514-521.

Lee, Raymond Y. W.
Kinematics of rotational mobilisation of the lumbar spine.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):481-488.
Type D 18 AB to see abstract.

Gunning, Jennifer L.; Callaghan, Jack P.; McGill, Stuart M.
Spinal posture and prior loading history modulate compressive strength
and type of failure in the spine: A biomechanical study using a porcine
cervical spine model.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):471-480.

Arangio, George A.; Salathe, Eric P.
Medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy reduces the excess forces in the
medial longitudinal arch of the flat foot.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):535-539.

Sanders, Richard K.; Crim, Julia R.
Osteochondral injuries.
Seminars in Ultrasound CT and MRI. August, 2001. 22(4):352-370.

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Flagellar movements and controlling apparatus in flagellates.
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences. July, 2001. 20(4):297-308.

Poyhonen, Tapani; Kyrolainen, Heikki; Keskinen, Kari L.; Hautala, Arto;
Savolainen, Jukka; Malkia, Esko.
Electromyographic and kinematic analysis of therapeutic knee exercises
under water.
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):496-504.

May, Brian; Saha, Subrata; Saltzman, Matthew.
A three-dimensional mathematical model of temporomandibular joint
Clinical Biomechanics. July, 2001. 16(6):489-495.

Shiller, Douglas M.; Ostry, David J.; Gribble, Paul L.; Laboissiere,
Compensation for the effects of head acceleration on jaw movement in
Journal of Neuroscience. August 15, 2001. 21(16):6447-6456.

Daniels, Stephanie K.; Foundas, Anne L.
Swallowing physiology of sequential straw drinking.
Dysphagia. Summer, 2001. 16(3):176-182.

Uckan, S.; Schwimmer, A.; Kummer, F.; Greenberg, A. M.
Effect of the angle of the screw on the stability of the mandibular
sagittal split ramus osteotomy: A study in sheep mandibles.
British Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. August, 2001.

Manni, Riccardo; Nicosia, Umberto; Nobili, Giovanni.
An unusual tetrapod trackway from Lower Jurassic marine sediments of
central Italy: Accordiichnus natans N. Ichnogen., N. Ichnosp.
Geologica Romana. 1999. 35:167-187.

Ekdale, Allan A.; Bromley, Richard G.
A day and a night in the life of a cleft-foot clam:
Lethaia. June, 2001. 34(2):119-124.

Fulton, C. J.; Bellwood, D. R.; Wainwright, P. C.
The relationship between swimming ability and habitat use in wrasses
Marine Biology (Berlin) July, 2001. 139(1):25-33.

Videan, Elaine N.; McGrew, W. C.
Are bonobos (Pan paniscus) really more bipedal than chimpanzees (Pan
American Journal of Primatology. August, 2001. 54(4):233-239.

Finni, Taija; Komi, Paavo V.; Lepola, Vesa.
In vivo muscle mechanics during locomotion depend on movement amplitude
and contraction intensity.
European Journal of Applied Physiology. July, 2001. 85(1-2):170-176.
Minetti, Alberto E.; Ardigo, Luca P.
The transmission efficiency of backward walking at different gradients.
Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology. July, 2001.

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Biomechanical factors affecting running economy.
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Merati, Giampiero; Negrini, Stefano; Sarchi, Paola; Mauro, Franco;
Veicsteinas, Arsenio.
Cardio-respiratory adjustments and cost of locomotion in school children
during backpack walking (the Italian Backpack Study).
European Journal of Applied Physiology. July, 2001. 85(1-2):41-48.

Lawson, M. A.; Purslow, P. P.
Development of components of the extracellular matrix, basal lamina and
sarcomere in chick quadriceps and pectoralis muscles.
British Poultry Science. July, 2001. 42(3):315-320.

Niklas, Karl J.; Speck, Thomas.
Evolutionary trends in safety factors against wind-induced stem failure.
American Journal of Botany. July, 2001. 88(7):1266-1278.

Renzaglia, Karen Sue; Johnson, Thomas H.; Gates, Hilarie Dee; Whittier,
Dean P.
Architecture of the sperm cell of Psilotum.
American Journal of Botany. July, 2001. 88(7):1151-1163.

Escamilla, Rafael F.; Lowry, Tracy M.; Osbahr, Daryl C.; Speer, Kevin P.
Biomechanical analysis of the deadlift during the 1999 Special Olympics
World Games.
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. August, 2001. 33(8):1345-1353.

Self, Brian P.; Paine, Daniel.
Ankle biomechanics during four landing techniques.
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. August, 2001. 33(8):1338-1344.

Mognoni, Piero; Rossi, Giulio; Gastaldelli, Franco; Canclini, Arrigo;
Cotelli, Francesco.
Heart rate profiles and energy cost of locomotion during cross-country
skiing races.
European Journal of Applied Physiology. July, 2001. 85(1-2):62-67.

van der Putten, Eleonora P.; Snijders, Chris J.
Shoe design for prevention of injuries in sport climbing.
Applied Ergonomics. August, 2001. 32(4):379-387.

Kerr, Michael S.; Frank, John W.; Shannon, Harry S.; Norman, Robert W. K.;
Wells, Richard P.; Neumann, W. Patrick; Bombardier, Claire.
Biomechanical and psychosocial risk factors for low back pain at work.
American Journal of Public Health. July, 2001. 91(7):1069-1075.

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