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09-13-2001, 09:19 AM
Hello !

I am Stankovic Ratko and I live in Nis, Serbia. I am working at Faculty of Physical Education as assistant on Biomechanics. Recently, I am a member of Internet family and during surfing on the Internet I find your website. The rising, because I writing you, is the desire that my country and my faculty have been including in modern researching in biomechanics in sport. In fact, 10 year we in Serbia have isolation from world, and impossibilities to make any contact. At the same time, I please you to give me help in suggestions, publications, books, etc. I wont to founding the Laboratory for Biomechanics Researching in Sport on my Faculty, and I need your help and I hope them.

I please you to answer mi, it is possible to sent mi or my faculty library anything of free books for a biomechanics in sport and exercise.

Best regards !!

Stankovic Ratko
YU, Serbia, Nis
Carnojeviceva bb

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