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Jim Martin
09-19-2001, 01:53 AM
Hello All:

One of the courses I teach is a masters level biomechanics course. For
several years I have been using Winter's "Biomechanics and Motor Control of
Human Movement" and I really like the format and flow of that text.
Unfortunately, the students are frustrated by the numerous errors and the
cavalier way in which some of the examples are worked out. My students
usually come in to this class with a wide variety of math backgrounds and
some are quite challenged by the equations for dynamic equilibrium (hence
they find errors in solutions maddening).

The focus of the course is on inverse dynamic solutions (i.e. getting
though chapter 4) and estimating muscle forces (chapter 5).

Can any of you recommend an alternative text that will allow me to teach
the course in the same way but reduce the frustration of my students?

Thanks in advance,

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