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Niclas Borlin
09-19-2001, 04:17 PM
Dear Colleagues,

Re. Dr. Valstar's [Hi, Edward :-] announcement about his recent RSA
thesis, I would also like to extend my invitation to any of you
interested in RSA to get a copy of my thesis "Model-based Measurements
in Digital Radiographs". The thesis was defended last summer and
concentrates on the measurement of radiostereometric markers in
digital radiographs. The most important result is that we are able to
maintain and for some parameters improve the clinical precision of RSA
compared to RSA based on manual measurements. One paper from the
thesis with these results (Paper III, revised) will also appear in
Journal of Biomechanics later this fall.

I have a number of hard-copies left of my thesis, so if you are
interested, drop me a mail with your name and address and I will send
a copy to you. You may find the abstract of the thesis at

Best regards,

/Niclas Borlin
Niclas Borlin, PhD email: Niclas.Borlin@cs.umu.se
Department of Computing Science phone: (+46) 90-786 68 32
Umea University fax: (+46) 90-786 61 26
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