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Rod Whiteley
09-20-2001, 07:45 PM
An unusual request to be sure,
I'm a physiotherapist who works with the Australian Baseball Federation
happens to be a player who's pitched for about 25 seasons (we play summer
and winter over here). So my experience here has evolved from Untrained
pitcher-> physiotherapist-> Physiotherapist interested in preventive and
rehabilitative mechanics. In Australia, physios with a working knowledge are
thin on the ground, and for us to keep our limited number of hurlers
healthy, we need to make the most of the guys we've got.
What I'm in the process of doing is picking the brains of all of our
pitching coaches to get them to show me what they class as potentially
injurious pitching faults, their identification, and the drills that they'd
prescribe for their correction. (In March, I'm going to present some of this
work to
a bunch of other Sports Physiotherapists here at our national conference,
and hope to 'spread the word' to get more guys thinking about preventive
health for these kids.)
What I'd like to ask the list for is
A) anyone's work that may not be published, so thereby missed on my searches
in this area,
B) 'favourite' and other references in regard pitching mechanics and faults
I'd be particularly interested anyone's aware of any objective measures
in this regard (e.g. A pitcher is
said to be 'Flying open' when his trunk rotates toward the plate whilst his
hand is still placed at XXdegrees relative to the path of the ball; or
C) One more specific question, there's been some recent work suggesting the
during the cocking phase, keeping the elbow flexed to more than 90 degrees
may be injury preventive where classical training has been to 'Keep your
hand on top of the ball, and "outside" your elbow'. Any thoughts
in regard this matter?
As seems to be the custom for the list, mail me directly, and I'll
compose a summary at the end.

Thanks in advance,
Rod Whiteley,
Sports Physiotherapist, Sydney, Australia.

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