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09-26-2001, 06:16 AM
I apologize for any cross-posting, but we are trying to reach a broad
segment of the movement analysis community.

Call for Symposium Proposals
Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society
Annual meeting: Apr 17-20, 2002

Once again, the GCMA Society would like to offer a symposium at its annual
meeting. The opportunity to organize a symposium is available to anyone -
all that's needed is to submit a proposal for consideration. A committee
made up of GCMA members will then choose, from among the proposals, the
symposium that will be offered at the 2002 meeting in Chattanooga,
Tennessee, USA.

Compensation: Up to two organizers of the symposium will have their
conference fee waived for the meeting.

Format: The symposium typically runs for 3 - 4 hours including a
mid-session break, on the Saturday of the conference. The format should
include presentations to stimulate discussion on issues of importance to the
GCMA membership, but exact formats are left to the organizers discretion.
Time should be set aside for the audience to ask questions and participate
in the discussion. An audience response system can be made available if
needed. The topics covered in the 2001 meeting were: "The role of the
rectus femoris in swing phase knee function in the child with CP" and "The
role of hamstrings in stance phase knee function in the child with CP".

Proposal: The proposal should be a 1-2 page outline of what is intended for
the symposium. It should clearly indicate the topics to be addressed, the
format planned and who the speakers and organizers will be. This
information should be submitted to Louise Gilchrist (chair of the Education
Committee) by November 15, 2001. Please submit the proposal electronically
to lag@acsu.buffalo.edu.
Louise Gilchrist, PhD
Department of Physical Therapy, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
SUNY at Buffalo
405 Kimball Tower
3435 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14222

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