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Todd Allinger
09-27-2001, 09:09 AM
Dear Congress Registrant,

Due to the catastrophic events of September 11 and disruption of
worldwide travel, the 6th IOC World Congress on Sport Sciences in Salt
Lake City, Utah, USA has been canceled. As you may know, all commercial
air travel in the United States was grounded during the initial days of
the Congress and significant disruptions in scheduling of flights
thereafter prevented most of the participants from arriving in time for
the Congress.

The Congress Organizers are currently working with the American College
of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to highlight the work of the 6th IOC World
Congress on Sport Sciences at the ACSM Annual Meeting. That meeting has
been scheduled by the ACSM for 29 May - 1 June 2002 in St. Louis,
Missouri, USA. For more information regarding the ACSM please visit
their website at www.acsm.org. The 6th IOC World Congress web site will
be updated regularly to provide you with information about ACSM abstract
submission and other presentation information. The ACSM is currently
accepting abstracts for their 2002 Annual Meeting on their website. The
ACSM abstract submission deadline is 1 November 2001.

We will update the website when further details are available regarding
the ACSM Annual Meeting and abstracts submitted to the IOC World
Congress. Thank you for your patience.

We will process a full refund for you. You should receive your refund
in 4-6 weeks. The Congress can reimburse registration fees only through
VISA credit card or by check.

If you paid with a VISA card:
Your full registration fee will be credited back to the same VISA card.
You do not need to contact us unless you have questions.

If you paid with a check:
You will receive your registration fees by check. In order to receive
your refund you must email or fax the Congress Registration Coordinator
your name and current mailing address. If an organization paid for your
registration fee, please email or fax the name of the organization and
their address for reimbursement.

Please submit your refund information to the 6th IOC World Congress on
Sport Sciences at:

Email: ioc.worldcongress@saltlake2002.com
Telephone: (801) 212-3472
Fax: (801) 212-2440

Thank you for your patience and support.
6th IOC World Congress on Sport Sciences

Todd Allinger, Ph.D.
Co-chair, 6th IOC World Congress on Sport Sciences
2002 Coordinator, Pfizer / IOC Olympic Research

Institute for Sport Science and Medicine
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital
5848 South Fashion Blvd. (300 E)
Murray, UT 84107
phone: (801) 314-4017
fax: (801) 314-4043
e-mail: totallin@ihc.com

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