View Full Version : Geometric model of brain for import into FEM meshing packages

09-28-2001, 02:37 AM
Hi to all

I was wondering if anybody has built a geometric model of the brain
(maybe made up of NURBS surfaces) that could be available to other

I am looking for a NURBS-based surface or some other smooth surface. I
already have triangulated brain surfaces -- those are not good because
they are much harder to import into FEM meshing packages like abaqus/cae
or IDEAS. More importantly, the surface quality is far better using NURBS.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Stelios Kyriacou, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Johns Hopkins University
Neuroradiology, JHOC 3230
601 N. Caroline Str
Baltimore MD 21287

Tel. (410) 955-7460 (work)
Fax (410) 614-3896 (work)
Email: kyriacou@cbmv.jhu.edu
Web: http://beast.cbmv.jhu.edu/~kyriacou

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