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Janice Eng
10-02-2001, 07:27 AM

Post-doctoral fellow position available immediately at the Rehab Research
Lab, GF Strong Rehab Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. GF Strong Rehab
Centre is a provincial rehab hospital and known for its clinical programs
in stroke and spinal cord injury. The Rehab Research Lab is a 3000 square
foot lab co-managed by the University of BC School of Rehabilitation
Sciences. It is equipped with a 16 channel EMG system, 3 movable
forceplates, 3D Optotrak systems, KinCom Dynamometer, and Equitest-Balance
System. See www.rehab.ubc.ca/jeng for pictures, publications and more

Current projects evaluate the effect of neurological conditions (stroke,
Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury) and their rehabilitation
interventions on postural control (anticipatory and reactive balance) and
functional movement (e.g., rising from a chair, reaching). The research
uses kinematic, kinetic and EMG analyses, in addition to quantitative
clinical assessments to understand the neural control of movement and its
impact on function. Other projects include a community-based functional
training program in stroke, an endurance training program in stroke, and a
study to examine effects of an FES device on gait in incomplete spinal cord

Salary is contingent on educational background and experience. A doctorate
in physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, kinesiology or
engineering would be relevant.

The Rehab Research Lab is located in the heart of Vancouver in the
beautiful West Coast. Vancouver has excellent public schools, and has easy
access to beaches, sailing, world-class skiing and climbing.

Please e-mail:
Dr. Janice Eng, PhD, PT/OT
Assistant Professor
School of Rehabilitation Sciences
University of BC

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