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Mcquade, Kevin
10-05-2001, 01:44 AM
Summary of responses about fine wire electrodes

1. "I think that BTS produce fine wire electrodes. There website is:
www.bts.it "
I could not find any fine wire products at this site

2. Nicolet 30mm (Product #019-772800) and 50mm (Product # 019-773000)
fine wire assemblies.
Nicolet Instrument Corporation
5225 Verona Road, Bldg 2
Madison, WI 53711
(800) 356-0007

3. Nicolet Instrument Corp
5225 Verona Road/Madison, WI 53711/USA
Phone (608)271-3333.
Product #019-772800 which is a 44ga X 100mm paired
Hook Wires in a 27ga X 30mm Cannula.

4. "have a look on Biopacs web page. www.biopac.com."
They have diagnostic style needle electrodes but no fine wire
================================================== =======

Looks like nicolet might have them - I tried to find a description on their
web site http://www.nicoletbiomedical.com/ but you have to request a catalog
, I never got through by phone.

I know it's not hard to make the electrodes your self using 50 micron Teflon
coated wire which can be bought in spools( calif. fine wire co.) and 25
gauge needles, but then you have to prepare the ends and package and

With today's IRB climate (in the US at least) I thought it would go over
better for IRB approval to be able to say you will be using disposable pre
sterilized assemblies. If anyone has any thoughts related to getting IRB
approval for use of Fine wire EMG , I would appreciate their comments and
will circulate those as well.


Kevin McQuade

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