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Raymond Lee
10-07-2001, 12:42 PM
PhD studentship / Research Assistant in Biomechanics
at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Title of Project:
Real-time Measurement and Analysis of the Mechanial Response of the Spine
to Manipulative Therapy

Description of Project:
Manipulative therapy is commonly employed in the management of low back
pain. It generally involves the application of loads to the human trunk
resulting in a change in spinal stiffness and symptoms. Our previous
research has examined some of the mechanical effects of the procedure.
Real-time measurement of these effects is highly desirable for clinical
decision-making and students learning manipulative procedures. The present
project will capitalise on our earlier work and develop a real-time
measurement system. Using the data obtained, a theoretical model will be
developed to examine the mechanical mechanisms of action underlying therapy.

MSc or MPhil in bioengineering, biomechanics, mechanical engineering or a
related field. Candidate with experience in experimental biomechanics
and/or theoretical modelling would be preferred.

The successful candidate will join an international research team with
academics from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Dr Raymond Lee), the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Professor Pin Tong) and the
Queensland University of Technology, Australia (Professor John Evans). The
team has been awarded a major research grant from the Research Grant
Council, Hong Kong, which will provide adequate funding for the project.
The project will be conducted in the laboratory of the Department of
Rehabilitation Sciences, which has state-of-the-art biomechanical equipment
and excellent computing facilities.

The candidate will be recommended to register for a PhD degree. A full-time
PhD student will be awarded a stipend of HK$192,000 (about US$24,600 /
GBP16,680) per annum, which shall not be subject to local taxation. The
candidate is expected to complete the study within three years.

Applicants should send a CV with covering letter to Dr Raymond Lee, the
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, the Hong Kong Polytechnic
University, Hong Kong (Tel 852+ 23308656). For more information, please
contact Dr Lee at rsrlee@polyu.edu.hk

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