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David Mitton
10-07-2001, 08:09 PM
The Laboratoire de Biomécanique, ENSAM Paris, UPRESA CNRS 8005, has an
opening for a Research Engineer.
The Research Engineer will be involved in software development in the field
of 3D reconstruction in close collaboration with the Laboratoire de
recherche en Imagerie et Orthopédie, Montréal.
The selected candidate will join a pluridisciplinar team of researchers in
the field of biomechanics (clinicians, mechanical engineers), for
development of a specific biomechanical and clinical application using
Xrays images of skeleton and osteoarticular system.

The position requires a B.S./M.S. degree in software development or
computer science. Candidates must have some software development experience.
The position requires experience with Visual C++ and MFC libraries, strong
verbal and written communication skills; strong interpersonal skills.
Familiarity with OpenGL and image processing is advantageous.

For consideration please email your CV to Pr. W. Skalli. For more
information about the Laboratory of Biomechanics see
http://bio-web.paris.ensam.fr or contact Pr. W. Skalli or Dr. D. Mitton.

email: Wafa.Skalli@paris.ensam.fr, David.Mitton@paris.ensam.fr

Laboratoire de Biomécanique
151 bd de l’hôpital
F- 75013 PARIS

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