View Full Version : Hand and Shoulder kinesiology

Moshe Nissan
02-09-1993, 04:14 PM
Dear Netters:
I am still getting occasionaly a reply to my previous question about cartilage
models in-vivo. I'll try to sum it up shortly, but basically the answer is
I am involved in another project. We are doing Brachial Plexus surgery, and
I am trying to assess its success by measuring the gained movement - ranges,
force etc. I am at the stage of building the measuring system, and it seems
there is very little in the line of Isostation and the like for legs and spine.
If you know about such systems, especially if it is not terribly expensive,
or have any other idea on this subject you are ready to share, please let me
know asap.
Many thanks, Moshe