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John Jay Miller
10-16-2001, 02:20 AM

I am looking for a basic taxonomy or classification of human movements
based on functional application or use. Something that would expand and
elaborate on the obvious possibilities like reach, touch, push, grasp,
pull, turn, pinch, etc.

I am not a H.F./anthropmetry/ergonomics person so it is very conveivable
that I have missed the obvious.

I am aware of AMPS (Assessment of Motor and Process Skills) but have not
purchased the product or taken the training, but it seems that this type
of information may have been used to develop this method.

This information is needed because I am working on visualizing human
movement in CAD environments for industrial/product design purposes and
would like to have human motion capabilities deconstructed by such
categories because it seems to offer a method of description that can be
familiar to designers.

Most approaches that I have seen look to be based on the measurement of
body parts (Drefuss, etc.) and not on functional capabilities/terminology.

I will summarize and post to the list all responses sent to me.


- john miller

jmiller@sarc.msstate.edu http://excalibur.dril.sarc.msstate.edu/jmiller
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