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10-16-2001, 10:45 PM

A graduate research assistantship is available in the Biology Department at St. Francis Xavier
University, Nova Scotia, Canada. Funding is available in the spring of 2002.
The research will investigate aspects of movement biomechanics in commercially important
species of crustaceans. The laboratory is fully equipped to study movement in both larval and
adult stages. Equipment for studies of the adults consists of an underwater treadmill, a
Redlake high-speed video camera with motion analysis software, and a variety of
high-resolution video cameras with muliplexing capabilities, and a time-lapse video recorder.
Studies on larval animals could involve work on ecological aspects of vertical migrations, or
mechanics of swimming. The laboratory is fully equipped for both projects. For the latter
project, an experimental apparatus has been constructed to examine fluid interactions on the
locomotor limbs using scaled-up physical models. Strain gauges measure fluid forces, and a
Dantec Particle Image Velocimeter can be used to visualize flows. The laboratory has strong
collaborations with scientists in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Moncton, N.B.

Further information is available at:


Edwin DeMont
Biology Department
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, N.S. Canada
B2G 2W5

Phone: 902-867-5116
Email: edemont@stfx.ca

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