View Full Version : Device to measure energy of strikes

Aaron Rubin
10-19-2001, 03:20 AM

I'm trying to develop a device that will measure the force of strikes
on standing training bags, specifically Century's Wavemaster bag. The
idea is to show the person training the force of individual strikes as
well as the average force per timed round and the average striking
I'm wondering if anyone has any information or experience that might
help me put together a better system or might help me avoid pitfalls.
The circuit board for the timing and displays I know how to do. For
the force of impact the best I can come up with is embedding an xy
accelerometer. But there is more than inertia keeping the bag from
moving (it's a standing bag with a foam outer and a plastic tube that's
filled with water in the center) and I'm afraid the added resistance
won't be linear and therefore hard to compensate for.
I'm a student at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ but
I'm trying to develop a device that would be affordable for individuals
or gyms.
Thanks for any help.


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