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John Jay Miller
10-19-2001, 07:11 AM

Thanks to all who responded.

Here are the replies from my request about basic anthropometirc

Gentile, A. M. (1972). A working model of skill acquisition with
application to teaching. Quest, 17, 3-23.
Gentile, A. M. (1987). Skill acquisition: Action, movement, and
neuromotor processes. In J. H. Carr & R. B. Shepherd (Eds.), Movement
Science: Foundations for Physical Therapy in Rehabilitation (pp. 93-154).
Rockville, MD: Aspen.

from: James Gordon, EdD, PT


James Mueller "The Workplace Workbook: An illustrated guide to
job accommodation and assistive technology", The Dole Foundation,
Washington DC, 1990. I purchased my copy from RESNA Press.

from: Ruth E. Mayagoitia-Hill


.. [look at] ergoSHAPE ergonomic
cad-models of humans. The models have specified reaches and ranges of
movement for ergonomic work and stuff.

The issues, I think, were discussed at this link allso:

from: Paul Brandt


Have you tried any of the variants on MTM taxonomies? These taxonomies
describe/define motions such as reach, move, turn, apply pressure, grasp,
position, release, disengage, eye travel, eye focus, and many more
classifications. MTM has been modified over the years and there are
different versions that make the convenience/precision trade-off in
different ways.

from: Pat Parker


The movements you mention are commonly refered to as 'work elements' in the
hf/ergo literature. They are also known as Therbligs, named after the
Gilbreths, who were some of the pioneers in work measurement science. A
good reference (though there are newer references) is:

Barnes RM (1980) Motion and Time Study: Design and Measurement of Work (7th
edition), New York: Wiley

from: Bryan Buchholz

best regards,

John Jay Miller

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