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El¿bieta Maklewska
10-21-2001, 08:27 PM
Dear All,
Thanks to all of those who replied to my original posting (see below). Here
the summary of your responses.,

I am looking for description of testing shock absorbing properties of sport
protective equipment with using accelerometers. I would be grateful for
any information about research , test stand. It seems to me that this
method is used in ASTM Standards.

It all really depends on the equipment that you are testing. Chest
protectors (in sports) don't have many (if any) standards associated with
them. The has however been research completed on them. David Viano and
Janda have done some work on behalf of NOCSAE and the Intitute of Injury
Prevention. If you are talking about helmets, then there are a plethora of
standards bodies to choose from and they are all sport specific.
If you are a little more specific about what you are looking for i'm sure I
can point you in the right direction. The use of accelerometers and the
shock absorbtion of protective equipment is what we are all about here at
Good Luck,
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The ASTM standard for testing shock absorping properties is ASTM F1614-99.
You can find it at http://www.astm.org/


For example F 355-95:

The standard covers three different apparatus that can be used to perform
the testing. The standard also states that the force transducer can be a
strain gage device, a piezoelectric transducer or an accelerometer. The
critical issue is that the force transducer needs to be capable of
forces up to 3.5 kN with a frequency reponse >500 Hz.

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Try writing Cameron at http://www.biokinetics.com
John Black

Thank you very much fo contribution.

My problems with measuring shock absorbing properties are not finished . We
are goingto built stand and use accelerometers .
We have not idea how to measur displacement. Results from calculation from
acceleration are incorrect.
I would be grateful for sharing experience in this problem.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards

El¿bieta Maklewska

Clothing Research Division

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