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Beverly Cusick
10-22-2001, 05:20 AM
>>Hello, again, Colleagues -
>Course details have been posted for 2 programs entitled Six Keys to
>Managing Lower Extremity Deformity in Children and Adults with CNS
>Dysfunction: New Rehab Strategies, Orthotic Modifications and Selection,
>and Taping. Both courses are open to clinicians from the health care
>disciplines who work with children and/or adults with CNS dysfunction.
>Both will take place in Telluride Colorado in 2002. If you are among the
>interested, please see the details at http://www.gaitways.com/bcsked.html .
>>Regards again,
>>Beverly Cusick, PT, MS
>Beverly Cusick, MS, PT bcusick@gaitways.com

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