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10-25-2001, 01:49 AM
Here is this week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT* .

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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Nauen, Jennifer C.; Lauder, George V.
Locomotion in scombrid fishes: Visualization of flow around the caudal
peduncle and finlets of the chub mackerel Scomber japonicus.
Journal of Experimental Biology. July, 2001. 204(13):2251-2263.

Johansson, L. Christoffer; Lindhe Norberg, Ulla M.
Lift-based paddling in diving grebe.
Journal of Experimental Biology. May, 2001. 204(10):1687-1696.

Fife, Mathew M.; Bailey, Carmen L.; Lee, David V.; Carrier, David R.
Function of the oblique hypaxial muscles in trotting dogs.
Journal of Experimental Biology. July, 2001. 204(13):2371-2381.

Ellerby, D. J.; Altringham, J. D.
Spatial variation in fast muscle function of the rainbow trout
Oncorhynchus mykiss during fast-starts and sprinting.
Journal of Experimental Biology. July, 2001. 204(13):2239-2250.

Ellerby, D. J.; Spierts, I. L. Y.; Altringham, J. D.
Fast muscle function in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) during
aquatic and terrestrial locomotion.
Journal of Experimental Biology. July, 2001. 204(13):2231-2238.

Biewener, Andrew A.; Corning, William R.
Dynamics of mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) gastrocnemius function during
swimming versus terrestrial locomotion.
Journal of Experimental Biology. May, 2001. 204(10):1745-1756.

Tamura, Koji; Kuraishi, Ritsu; Saito, Daisuke; Masaki, Hideki; Ide,
Hiroyuki; Yonei-Tamura, Sayuri.
Evolutionary aspects of positioning and identification of vertebrate
Journal of Anatomy. July-August, 2001. 199(1-2):195-204.

Guan, Li; Kiemel, Tim; Cohen, Avis H.
Impact of movement and movement-related feedback on the lamprey central
pattern generator for locomotion.
Journal of Experimental Biology. July, 2001. 204(13):2361-2370.

Hodgson, J. A.; Wichayanuparp, S.; Recktenwald, M. R.; Roy, R. R.; McCall,
G.; Day, M. K.; Washburn, D.; Fanton, J. W.; Kozlovskaya, I.; Edgerton, V.
Circadian force and EMG activity in hindlimb muscles of Rhesus monkeys.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) September, 2001. 86(3):1430-1444.

Wright, Seth; Weyand, Peter G.
The application of ground force explains the energetic cost of running
backward and forward.
Journal of Experimental Biology. May, 2001. 204(10):1805-1815.

Anderson, FC, Pandy, MG.
Dynamic optimization of human walking.
2001 OCT, V123 N5:381-390.

Prilutsky, Boris I.; Gregor, Robert J.
Swing- and support-related muscle actions differentially trigger human
walk-run and run-walk transitions.
Journal of Experimental Biology. July, 2001. 204(13):2277-2287.

Hart, K. J.; Shaw, J. M.; Vajda, E.; Hegsted, M.; Miller, S. C.
Swim-trained rats have greater bone mass, density, strength, and
Journal of Applied Physiology. October, 2001. 91(4):1663-1668.

Mae, Tatsuo; Shino, Konsei; Miyama, Takahide; Shinjo, Hirotaka; Ochi,
Takahiro; Yoshikawa, Hideki; Fujie, Hiromichi.
Single- versus two-femoral socket anterior cruciate ligament
reconstruction technique: Biomechanical analysis using a robotic simulator.
Arthroscopy. September, 2001. 17(7):708-716.

Park, Hun K.; Rudrappa, Satish; Dujovny, Manuel; Diaz, Fernando G.
Intervertebral foraminal ligaments of the lumbar spine: Anatomy and
Child's Nervous System. April, 2001. 17(4-5):275-282.

Kumaresan, Srirangam; Yoganandan, Narayan; Pintar, Frank A.; Maiman, Dennis
J.; Goel, Vijay K.
Contribution of disc degeneration to osteophyte formation in the cervical
spine: A biomechanical investigation.
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. September, 2001. 19(5):977-984.

Caprise, Peter A.; Lester, Gayle E.; Weinhold, Paul; Hill, Jeff; Dahners,
Laurence E.
The effect of NKISK on tendon in an in vivo model.
Journal of Orthopaedic Research. September, 2001. 19(5):858-861.

Gallo, L. M.; Nickel, J. C.; Iwasaki, L. R.; Palla, S.
Stress-field translation in the healthy human temporomandibular joint.
Journal of Dental Research. October, 2000. 79(10):1740-1746.

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